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The Importance of Logistics Risk Management

Statistics show that the majority of logistics service providers and transport companies are aware of the strategic and operational risks involved in their line of business; yet, most of them have no contingency plan in place to deal with these risks if they were to occur. The main reason for this is due to the fact that they do not have the knowledge and expertise needed to properly prepare for these risks.  It is important that these companies systematically map out the risks that may affect their business objectives and work out necessary strategies to help them avoid these risks as much as possible. 

It is a fact that logistics companies that are able to control their risks effectively and structurally will suffer less downtime if incidents were to occur, would have fewer unexpected costs and would be able to improve their competitive advantage. By controlling the consequences of strategic and operational risks, the continuity of your company will be improved and your operations will be optimized. As a logistics service provider, if you prepare for risks not only will you limit your losses and damages but will reinforce your reputation as a reliable logistics partner. 

The Solution to Avoiding Unnecessary Logistics Risks

As a logistics service provider, you might be wondering how you can avoid unnecessary logistics risks, especially if you do not have the knowledge, experience and expertise in-house. Well, no need to worry!!! Accident Mitigation Association is your solution to avoiding unnecessary logistics risks. Accident Mitigation Association is built upon years of experience in the logistics and transporting industry and now aims at using all of its years of experience to help you avoid unnecessary logistics risks by providing information obtained from global research on logistics best practices. 

The Main Features of AMA

So what exactly does AMA (Accident Mitigation Association) has to offer to you if you were to become an AMA member.



We offer customized and personalized training for the logistics and transportation industry, aimed identifying and avoiding the main logistics risks.


Best Practices

Not only do we provide you with access to the best logistics practices but we also help you with the implementation of these practices.


We have a team of well-trained researches that conducts frequent global research on logistics risks and practices. Their research is made available to you as an AMA member.


Our team of logistic consultants are available to conduct one-on-one consultancy sessions with you to find out the ins and outs of your business and to provide you with quality and expert advice on improving. 

The Main Benefits of Being an AMA Member

If you are an AMA (Accident Mitigation Association) member, you can benefit in a number of ways. 

Save Money

By being able to identify your risks, you can take the necessary precautions to avoid them which will ultimately result in you saving money. 

Retain Customers

By being able to identify your risks and taking the necessary precautions, you will be able to prevent calamities or deal with them promptly if they do occur which means that your customers will experience less downtime and will remain loyal.

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I am so happy that I became an AMA member. With the training and advice that I received from them, I was able to turn my company around by being able to identify potential risks and taking necessary measures to avoid them. 
Edward C. Jackson
Banks Shipping


Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

Thank you guys for the superb logistics training that you provided to my management team. Now, that my managers have a better understanding of potential risks and how to avoid them, they are able to manage their departments better and the business as a whole is seeing great progress. 
Lynelle B. Hooper
SAS Overseas Shipping

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