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How to Lower Risks Involved with Shipping

People’s plans, mostly those on inbound logistics, almost always experience some mishaps go wrong. Even the most competent shippers are affected by the problems that come with shipping, such as loss, claims or damage.

These problems may lead to your company incurring higher transport expenses, but that is not all. They may lead to a bad relationship with your partners; shipping companies such as DHL. However, you can do something for these problems to be prevented.  Read More...

Edward C. Jackson
Banks Shipping

" I am so happy that I became an AMA member. With the training and advice that I received from them, I was able to turn my company around by being able to identify potential risks and taking necessary measures to avoid them.  "

Lynelle B. Hooper
SAS Overseas Shipping

" Thank you guys for the superb logistics training that you provided to my management team. Now, that my managers have a better understanding of potential risks and how to avoid them, they are able to manage their departments better and the business as a whole is seeing great progress.  "
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